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 Shae Xolos

We Show Naked!


Shae N Vidxium's Double Exposure

AKC/UKC: NP56355301/P913-725

Breeders:Erin Burch & David Gonzales

Owners: Erin Burch & David Gonzales

CHIC# in progress

Fuji is our 4th generation Shae bred Xolo and 2nd generation co-bred Shae N Vidxium bred Xolo. We think she is amazing. She is maturing and awaits her day in the ring in 2020. We are having her professionally trained as well as training her ourselves to ensure she is ready. In the meantime we have done her DNA health testing to be sure she is in the best of health for her future prodigy. OFA patella, hips, elbows as well as cardiac and vet ophthalmology to follow.  

Fuji at 6 months above in training for her show career! When shows return, she will be loud and proud!

Fuji 12 weeks old after a little bit of sun 

Abov​e at 8 weeks old having never seen the sun